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20-63mm pe pipe production line double pipe line 20-1600 mmPE pipe production line 20-1600mm PE pipe production line vacuum tank Adjustable speed PE pipe production line pipe winder CNC progressed PE pipe production line mould
plastic pipe production line
PE pipe production line
PPR pipe production line
PVC pipe production line
waste plastic washing recycling line
PE PP washing line
PET washing line
plastic granulation line
PE granulation line
PET granulation line
WPC pelletizing line
plastic extrusion line
WPC extrusion line
PVC profile extrusion line
Corrugated pipe production line
plastic auxiliary
Plastic crusher
Plastic mixer
Plastic auxiliary machine
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Zhangjiagang Polestar Machinery co., LTD is located in the economic prosperous cities in China which is a town, zhangjiagang, east international metropolis Shanghai, nanjing west, south soil su, tin, often economic powerhouse, north pillow Yangtze river, water and land transportation is very convenient.

Polestar Machinery co., LTD is a collection of research, development, manufacturing, sales in the integration of the professional supplier of plastic equipment, has a first guide along the level of science and technology and advanced tec¡­.. More>>

2015-09-08How far away from Shanghai...
How far away from Shanghai...
2015-09-08How long does it need to p...
How long does it need to p...
2015-09-08Zhangjiagang Polestar Mach...
Zhangjiagang Polestar Mach...
2015-09-08Zhangjiagang Polestar Mach...
Zhangjiagang Polestar Mach...
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